7 Ways To Insure The Safety Of Your Children

Welcome back! So far, you have learned the difference between MACE and other pepper spray brands. You are also knowledgeable on how to adjust the pepper spray strength to your specific needs, using OC Concentrations and SHU ratings as selection criteria. On top of that, you also know the different types of spraying methods (“fogger”, “stream”, “forced cone”, “foam” and “gel”) and which one of them is the most appropriate for you, given your individual lifestyle.

Your Daily Routine – Do you ever carry more tan $250 in cash in your wallet? Do you use the ATM only in a secure area during the day, or do you sometimes use the ATM after dark or in out-of-the way places?

Look at direction of travel and pathways. If the path from the couch to the kitchen or bathroom has a table and chairs encroaching into the path then rearrange the furniture so that the path is straight. If mom bumps into a table this could just be enough to cause a fall.

They developed a tremendous track record with military and law enforcement use. Next time you see a police officer look at his utility belt or ask him why he carries a pepper spray and some kind of stun device. He’ll tell you that they’re very effective in subduing criminals without resorting to deadly force.

If you are attacked, make a lot of noise. Many women and girls who are attacked become so frightened they forget to scream, which is strange, but true. Activate your personal alarm for women system.

When parking anywhere, ensure that you leave your vehicle under a light or near adequate lighting. If walking to and from the car, ensure that the path is well lit all the way.

12.) I know of more than one case where a young woman was able to discourage an attacker by using a red pepper spray. Do consider carrying a pepper spray in your pocket or purse. A few whiffs of spray can disable an assailant long enough for you to get away and call 911 for help.

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