Carpet Cleaning Don’ts

When you have a new carpet fitted in your home you always want to ensure that it is kept looking brand new for as long as possible. The first step towards this is to regularly vacuum your carpet at least once a week.

I hope this will help you choosing right in and out tampa in Sydney solution for your home. At Aquaqleen cleaning services we provide steam carpet cleaning services in Melbourne and Sydney suburbs. If you need carpet steam cleaning give us a call on 1300 764516.

On the simplest end of Bissell is the 21012 Sweep Up sweeper. This cordless sweeper is even better than a broom. It brushes pick up the tiniest crumbs to the dust ball of cat hair in the corner. It works well on all surfaces like wood tile and vinyl and can sweep low to get carpet cleaning services under the furniture.

A “truckmount” machine is one that is permanently mounted in the cleaner’s van and runs off of it’s own power supply. Truckmount machines supply the flushing, vacuum, and heat needed to thoroughly clean your carpets and to get them dry the quickest. Truckmount equipment is the best option for cleaning carpets.

I have two kids, both under the age of three and a longhaired cat. We bought our current home a year ago and along with it, inherited a nasty carpet from the previous owner. Though we called in a local carpet cleaning service, it still looked dingy upon our move-in date. Funds were short, so we decided to live with the dirt.

Those of you who have pets that you care about will want to do all you can to make sure they are well taken care of. When you think about cleaning your carpets, you want to take the needs of your pets into consideration. Just about all shampoos used on carpets will contain harmful chemicals that could be hazardous to pets. You may see rug shampoos at the store that say they are “pet safe”, but don’t always believe what you read. Maybe they are safe, and your pets won’t have any ill effects if you use them. You need to check out the products and make the decision yourself. Steam cleaning is an alternative method to clean your carpets and doesn’t require any chemicals and, therefore, is safe when there are pets in the household.

Hire a Pro: Once or twice a year – depending on how much use the piece sees – you should have a professional clean your upholstery. This will help remove the oils and embedded dirt your vacuuming can’t take care of. Most carpet cleaning services also offer upholstery services.

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