How To Choose A Montessori School In Rochester

Six years and running, I’ve been privately studying philosophies and methodologies of education. Also working in different fields of education. I home-schooled a group of three awesome kids; 7, 11, and 14. I was employed by LearningRx. My job, Cognitive Skills Trainer, can be summed up as exciting and intense one-on-one coaching. My time assisting Ms. Lynne in the Banyon Room at a private Montessori school in Jupiter was fulfilling and interesting. The Montessori philosophy has a lot of strong points. Last to mention, I started a private tutoring company called StudyWorks, which flopped around for a three year period. It evolved mentally into Jupiter Mentorship, which is still on but only in my mind.

The Palomares Hills are also very near to highways number 580 so it’s really close to the shopping Mall in the Pleasanton Stoneridge. As I have said the Elementary school is really one of the best around.

The style of teaching in public schools all lies within the fundamentals of teaching. A completely different mindset needs to be given to public school teachers. There are better and more efficient ways of teaching children. Ways that measure academic success, not on a grading scale, but rather by true understanding.

KB: I would probably describe it best through the music. You would have to really listen to understand because it can vary on any track. I can best describe it how its been described to me. It’s difficult to describe myself. People have seen pop elements in the choruses and the way the songs are constructed. They appreciate the fact that they’re actually songs as opposed to a rapper spitting some verses over a beat. My production team constructed songs, so there’s elements of rock on there because we record with live instruments. We also use loops from the MPC, so it’s Hip-Hop in that element. I best describe my music as Hip-Hop but there are elements of rock, jazz, and blues.

Another thing that we tripped across on our own was letting our son use a record player at 20-months-old. He would change a child’s record player. We had children’s records as well as some song he heard on the radio and really loved. He learned colors of labels, words and names. Further it gave him fine motor skills.

My children attended Montessori School s through elementary school, and as a family we found many of the principles so valuable that we implemented them at home. This is not intended to be an overview of the entire philosophy and curriculum of a Best Montessori Preschool, rather things we found that were of great value to our family, and could be followed by any family.

Like many other toddlers, Dora the Explorer is her thing. We have Dora sippies, a Dora clock, Dora sneakers, Dora sandals for the summer, Dora dolls, a Dora hat, and the entire collection of Dora DVDs. Naturally, Dora panties were next. I can always count on Target, and there they were hanging on the rack–adorable little six packs with a joyous, big-headed Dora on every pair. Some even had Boots, her simian sidekick, on them as well.

Sometimes these things may seem impossible to implement at home, but if started early, reinforced consistently, and if you as the parent are willing to be the role model, then you will have success. Your children will more likely be respectful of others, independent, and better at making decisions.

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