Practical Tips For New Year Weight Loss

Unforgiveness! Yes unforgiveness can destroy your Christmas! So what’s the remedy? Forgiveness – however you say that is not so easy. Remember that you possess the awesome power of choice. You ‘choose’ to harbor ill feelings or you can ‘choose’ to let them go. A good way to help you to let those feelings go is to look at the quality that is being presented that you don’t like. This is the lesson in this challenge for you. Take this quality and think about ways that you could improve this quality in your own life. You will free yourself and be wiser in the process otherwise you remain chained to and drained by unforgiveness. Ultimately unforgiveness at Christmas will destroy your Christmas spirit and all those around you. ‘Choose’ to learn, forgive and let it go.

Read a classic book. Enrich your life through some of the classics that you may have yet to experience such as C.S. Lewis, A.W. Tozer, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, etc… And don’t let reading be your excuse now that so many books are available on audio.

Number Two: Take a Publishing-News Fast. Let’s face it-the happy new year 2019 wishes from publishing is mostly depressing. Major imprints closing down. Editors losing jobs all over the place. The latest news of print sales falling 9 percent last year makes your heart plummet, even though this slack and more has been taken up with e-book sales. Some of us have no choice but to follow the business end of things, but you don’t-you can take a nice long fast from this and let your creativity soar. Whenever I’m writing, I let publishing go take a long hike-in the opposite direction from the path I walk.

Don’t starve yourself. If you are hungry, then eat something. Trying to force yourself through hunger brings your metabolism to a screeching halt, and then the next time that you do eat, oh boy.

You must change your outlook, your behavior, and your beliefs. This is not going to be easy. There will be a day that you will not want to workout, and that is not the end of the world. But having a plan to get into good shape will put you in the best possible position to succeed.

I will lose 10 pounds by February 15 vs. I will lose some weight this year. I will increase my savings by 5% per month vs. I will save more money. I will attend three networking events each quarter vs. I will go to more networking events. I will do something special for my spouse each week versus I will be a better spouse. I will get my pilot’s license by June vs. I will get my pilot’s license.

As I said earlier, the above top ten weight loss tips are essentially the short version of everything you need to know. If you have the motivation, you’re golden. If you don’t and you’re just looking for a magical effortless solution, nothing will ever change.

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